4 Tips to help determine the Quality of Cannabis

Many people have been smoking marijuana for many years now and some have a connoisseur approach to the subject. Good smell, appealing look, organic farmed in California and great taste. Although we might find a club or person that has everything we need. But sometimes you will need to buy marijuana elsewhere.
Legalization of recreational marijuana in the USA led to the establishment of high standards of weed cultivation, processing, and distribution.Leading to most marijuana dispensaries to sell you the good stuff because it is legal and it came from a reliable source.

But it is always useful to know these 4 basic tips that can help you determine the quality of the cannabis before you settle and buy.

  • The Look

When you buy cannabis you are essentially buying the flower. Test the look of the flower first of all before you consider buying. A nice fresh cannabis flower is not necessarily colorful, but should still have an attractive appearance. Look for fluffy buds with numerous hairs and trichomes.

We like to look for a saturated green color with a nice orange, purple, or red hue. Some popular strain such as Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, and Strawberry Diesel are a few that are rich in color and very vibrant.The cannabis of a poor quality can come back as a dull brown color and is usually packed into bricks. This is the cannabis you should avoid spending money on. We understand that tough times call for desperate measures, just realize that the quality of the product you are putting in yourself can be harmful.

4 Tips that Will Help You to Determine the Quality of Cannabis 1

  • Smell
Cultivators used to rely on their nose before scientists discovered that marijuana plants have terpenes. Terpenes are valuable fragrant oils that give cannabis plants its odor and its taste.

Terpenes are also present in many plants, such as lavender, pine, rose.

If you are looking for the good stuff, follow your nose. Great cannabis must have a distinct smell depending on the terpenes it contains.

Marijuana can smell like citrus if it is a strain with limonene such as Sweet Deep Grapefruit or Green Crack. Cannabis can smell like diesel if it`s Sour OG or Sour Urkle. It can smell like pine if it is Alien Kush or Exile. Pot can also smell like berries if it`s Blueberry Dream cannabis strain.In other words, just make sure that cannabis has strong and distinct smell.

4 Tips that Will Help You to Determine the Quality of Cannabis 2

  • Touch

Buds of high quality must be moist and sticky.  But not too moist, of course, because they won`t burn well. Sticky buds are the sign of high THC rate as the resin on the surface of the buds has almost all useful cannabinoids and terpenes.

Good buds must also feel dry and a bit spongy. Leaves and other cannabis plants are not worth your money.

4 Tips that Will Help You to Determine the Quality of Cannabis 3

  • Smoke

Basically if you choose good looking buds which are moist and sticky and which have distinct pleasant smell, your smoking experience must be good, very good.

But. Smoking is your ultimate test. If after several good tokes you feel relaxed, euphoric and ready to tackle any problem (or forget about all the problems)  you found some good pot.

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