6 Benefits Of Vaping Instead Of Smoking Flower

The times are changing and so should the way that we intake smoke.

While there is a plethora of alternative traditional methods out for there for smoking, vaping has proven to be one of the most efficient and healthy options out there.


You have herd this time and time before, but what really makes the vaporization process so different from lighting up a joint? Does it work as well as smoking a joint? Could they be difficult to maintain? I’m a little skeptical, but should I get one for myself?

We are here to hopefully clear up some of the smoke for you on this topic.

It’s good (or at least better) for your lungs.

While marijuana is not bad for you, smoking anything can be harmful to your poor little lungs. Inhaling carcinogens from a campfire is just one terrible example of something harmful to your lungs.

Although, there is a negative byproduct caused from blunts, joints, bongs, etc, all these byproducts are eliminated through the vaporization process.

While lighting a joint, the flame is combusting and creating a very harmful toxin that you are inhaling. Vaporizers can take the cannabis to its boiling point, allowing you to take in the cannabis and allowing you to have all the same effects from the THC, without burning anything at all.


It’s cleaner with barely any maintenance.

Vaporizing is one of the cleanest ways to ingest your cannabis. Most conditions of your device (even after use) often had signs of that.

Throw out the ashtrays, with a vaporizer there is virtually no clean up. You won’t have to clean a pipe or bong ever again and you will never have to worry about collected resin and spit that is collected inside the device.


It’s low key and you can smoke one virtually anywhere.

There isn’t any lingering scents that might compromise your position, there is are slight smells that should really be accounted for.

Some would say that the vaporizing process can often smell like burnt popcorn. Portable vaporizers like the “Kali Extracts – Klassic, Kenna, Kalisi, and Kenini,” are perfect for outside use while having the convenience of being able to smoke anywhere you go.

Other batteries can allow you to adjust your temperature settings. This allows you to control how high the heat can go, as well as control how much vapor that you want to yield.

It’s cost efficient and saves you money/weed.

You can maximize the most from your weed every time and it lasts a whole lot longer, too!

Cannabis flower can ash out immediately causing you to burn out your flower very fast.

You can get way more out of your cannabis even in the smallest amounts inserted into your device. Because it’s producing the entire amount until the plant is completely dehydrated.


It works like a charm and gets you just as high.

The biggest thing people talk about is getting the biggest bang for your buck. Why not make a change, not only do you feel the effects as you would if you smoked flower, but vaping provides you with a much cleaner high. It can be just as potent as smoking a joint, but it’s actually better for you!

Here is a little break down, vaporizing gas consists of 95 percent cannabinoids while regular smoke gives you around 88 percent cannabinoids.

Once again, you’re getting the most refined experience without having to ingest any harmful chemicals and only taking in what you need.

You feel great afterward and can do more with your life!

There can be nothing worse than feeling the effects of smoking while doing strenuous physical activities such as yoga.

Vaporizing can prevent that while you live your active lifestyle. You will be free from shortness of breath and coughing. And in the long run will help you in everything else that you do.


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