How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

If you smoke marijuana to get high, then the higher you get, the more problematic it can be to pass a urine test. The most common test for defining that you smoked or not, all falls under the urine test. This screens the presence of carboxy-THC. This chemical is produced after your liver processes the THC you ingested or smoked.

So “how long does weed stay in your system?”. The answer is: “It depends”

Many factors depend on the outline of the most important and the most influential factors like:


  • frequency of weed consumption: the more you smoke the longer it takes to get rid of the weed
  • your metabolism rate ( the amount of fat in your body and you physical training)
  • the potency of weed
  • the means of consumption
  • stress ( did you expect that?)

For occasional user with high metabolism rate detoxication will occur in 5-7 days (5 days if you go to a gym)

Frequent user (smokes 2 times a week) will get rid of traces of drugs in 10 days.

Smoke-weed-everyday type of a person will have to wait for 60 days to detox from weed.

How to detox from weed?

  1. Sweat a lot. Go jogging or cycling. Go playing basketball. Exercise won`t only burn your fat, it will also help you to detox.
  2. You can go to sauna if you are too lazy to jog. This method reminds some urban legend but in reality it may help to some extent. Especially if it is a routine sauna.
  3. Drink as much as you can (I mean, drink water). Drinking will simply flush weed out of your system.
  4. Eat a lot healthy food. Fruits and vegetables are also nutrient dense foods that contain micronutrients that may aid in the detox process. Several supplements, such as Magnesium or B vitamins, can also be very helpful if you take them several day before the drug test.
  5. Try detox drinks. These are basically some drinks or supplements that will dilute your urine and will reduce the level of carboxy-THC in it.

These tips sounds like the pieces of advice for those who want be fit but they work naturally. Doing all things together will definitely help you to detox from weed really fast.

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