Is CBD Use Pre And Post Pregnancy Safe?

As studies of cannabis at tackling menstruation pain continually at a steadily rise, we are seeing the use of the herd to relieve major pains and complications that come during pregnancy. But this is actually more common than one might think. We can see that various women from different countries all across the globe, crave for various pain remedies. More and more women are turning to cannabis rather than prescription drugs.

Although it is becoming more common, pre-pregnancy consumption is one of the most controversial issue within the cannabis space. But it is not the psychoactive effect that they are looking for, many women are turning to non psychoactive cannabidiol or better known as CBD. But can CBD use pre and post natal pregnancy be safe? Here is how research puts it down.

Why make a fuss about marijuana use pre and post pregnancy?

Any kind of substance used during a pregnancy can be seen as harmful or call for concern. Everything that can be taken into the body is a possible effect for any babies development. Stated by Mari Enio, “Prenatal marijuana use is not by anyway associated with an increased risk of birth defects or life-threatening conditions. However, medical practitioners have some concerns.”

The endocannabiniod system (ECS) is heavily effected by the compounds of cannabis. As the ECS is a large network of cell receptors and have corresponding agonists ECS. So when we look at this, Cannabinoids are referred as the lock, where endocannabinoids are seen as the keys.

The endocannabinoid system controls a various amount of functions in the body, including functions like mood, appetite, metabolism, memory, sleep, movement, reproduction, and the immune system. The active chemicals compounding in cannabis engages in this system. This is why marijuana has both the medical attributes and the psychoactive effects.

These systems will have  vital role in the development of the unborn child. The major concern for the natural process of development in the child is the chemical compound that is naturally in the cannabis. This will just lead us to more problems in the future. Although there is little research to go by, it is difficult to tell when and how it will end.

So, what are the concerns, if any that is?

A study that was carried out by Dr. Tibor Harkany of Karolinska Institute in 2014, researchers found out that psychoactive THC changes the way our nerve cells function, even outside the body to explain the implication like this. “Even if THC only would cause small changes its effect may well be sufficient to sensitize the brain to later stressors or diseases to provoke neuropsychiatric illnesses in those affected in the future.”

So to overstate Harkany’s argument, he had suggested that even the slightest change in the endocannabiniod system can have a child vulnerable to certain types of diseases and conditions that take place over time. While there is a lack of serious after-birth problems evidence, pre-clinical research does bring up some long-term concerns.

Although, Dr. Harkany’s only researched the effects of THC and not cannabidiol (CBD). We still have to ask, do these concerns still apply with a non psychoactive cannabinoid? Unfortunately we are left with loads of desire in finding out new research on the topic.

CBD use during pregnancy: Is it safe?

While this question always pops up, we just can’t seem to find further research and high-quality information on marijuana use during fertility, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. For many reasons that it is illegal to consume while pregnant and so on. Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug in the U.S as the FDA deems the herb as a “devil plant” and one which has “no medical value”.

The Schedule 1 status still makes it illegal for scientists to research, even to possess, cultivate, purchase, or distribute. This leaves research on CBD and pregnancy quite inconclusive. Because the majority of studies into pregnancy and cannabis are only focused on psychoactive THC or the general use of cannabis.

“With the growing popularity of high-CBD marijuana strains over the last couple of years, scientists don’t have enough time to study its effect post pregnancy in detail. The vast amount of literature shows cell line and animal studies, which may or may not apply to humans. However, this pre-clinical research provides a peak into the possible effects,” said Mari Enio.

Whether or not they are positive or negative impacts, it’s comforting to know where things stand. CBD affects pregnancy in three ways:

  • High CBD exposure during early pregnancy doesn’t seem to cause miscarriage or complications in mice(not humans)
  • It may lessen contraction during labor
  • Prenatal CBD treatment many increase permeability of the placenta

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