Myrcene Terpene Health Benefits

Myrcene: the Terpene with Amazing Health Benefits

Dispensary owners and cannabis cultivators claimed that the future of marijuana relies all in the terpenes or fragrant oils. Attracted by the majority of medical marijuana patients and cannabis connoisseurs. The smell and taste of the terpenes may be attractive, they also carry numerous health benefits.

Some have said that they feel high because of a strong smell of pine and needed a reduction of inflammation. Those can look for alpha-pinene in their strains.

If you are looking to reduce the levels of stress at work or at home, you should pay close attention to limonene which smells like citrus.

Lavender smells can help you cope with high anxiety, this can be found in Linadol.

But let`s speak about Myrcene, the terpene of the future.

El Nino, White Widow, and Skunk #1 are just a few that are tested to have a high volume of Myrcene compared to the rest of the strains.

What Do Researchers Say about Myrcene?

Swiss scientists study that determined that myrcene is one of the most common and abundant terpenes in cannabis back in 1997. It can reach up to 50% of the whole terpenes volume.

Myrcene has been defined as having a earthy musk smell. But has been difficult to define because it can’t be defined like a pine smell would.

While GW Pharmaceutical found out that Myrcene  can manage pain effectively, it is also the terpene that helps out other terpenes to form. Along with thujone, another marijuana terpene, myrcene can help to battle the symptoms of diabetes. This was the conclusion of American scientists in 2007 study.

Another study in British Journal of Pharmacology displayed that Myrcene has effects that were only cannabinoids could possess. Myrcene can serve as a muscle relaxant for animals, help fight insomnia, and cooperate with cannabinoids effectively.

Thus, working with CBD myrcene could reduce inflammation and manage pain or even battle cancer. Combined with THC myrcene turns out a real hypnotic sedative.

5 Most Important Effects of Myrcene:

Prevents tumors formation;
Reduces anxiety, serves as a sedative;
Reduces inflammation;
Helps to fight with insomnia;
Has powerful analgesic effect
Mango is Another Source of Myrcene

There has been a myth that eating mango before smoking weed will enhance the psychoactive effect of marijuana, and this myth has scientific basis.

Myrcene from mangos will make you even higher by increasing the level of THC in your brain.
So eat one mango before you smoke your next high Myrcene strain.

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