THC & CBD Ratios can be Important

Many of us are deciding to take the medical marijuana route in treating our illnesses. We hear people say they take marijuana for anxiety or helps them cope with eating. Here are some things to know about marijuana and maybe this article can help you find the strain that is the most effective to you.

THC: CBD ratio is crucial for those who seek therapeutic benefits of weed.

It is very important to consider the different types of terpenes that are in your cannabis. Different types of terpenes can act in various ways, some may sooth where others will might make you sick. But THC:CBD ratios are really the cornerstone of the quest for finding that strain that is right for you.

You’ve already heard about CBD and THC in our previous blog posts, but it is their combination that will affect the experience you are trying to achieve. Higher THC rates will cause an increase in the intensity of psychoactive effects, strains like Blue Dream or Kosher Kush will hit you stronger and may have an adverse effect. This will cause you to have the munchies and eat more snacks. Some of the higher CBD rates strain are found in some cannabis plants are Cannatonic, ACDC, and Harlequin.

THC is the cannabinoid that gets you high, by activating the CB1 brain receptor. But this would not be possible without enough CBD in the marijuana. This can change the activity of the THC by altering and diminishing all of its effects.


  • Mixed Strains Don`t Provoke the Munchies

Sometime when you smoke marijuana, you have the sudden urge to eat everything in sight. Although you think you are hungry, this is actually caused by certain brain receptors that are suddenly being activated. This is how your brain is being tricked and ends up misinterpreting these new signals. What you need to look for is a well balanced THC:CBD ration to avoid having sudden munchie urges like many high THC ratio strain might have. It is THC which provokes the leptin release, which can interpret the brains sudden starvation effect.


  • Hybrids Strains are More Effective for Anxiety Management

Getting to the point were you become too-high, can be very unpleasant for many consumers because it can cause you to become very anxious and paranoid. Inexperienced smokers suffer from these two adverse effects of psychoactive strains.CBD reduces the chances of THC to activate CB1 receptors and get really high eventually. So you receive all that you need from THC: euphoria, amplification of senses but remain more tranquil.

Moreover, CBD interacts with different receptor systems in the brain which produce serotonin, the neurotransmitter that makes you feel pleased and content.


  • Mixed Strains Don`t Cause Short-Term Memory Impairment

Most of us know at least one person who refuses to smoke medical marijuana becuase they are afraid of loosing control over the situation. While potent strains impair short memory, to the point were it is difficult to follow a plot twist in a show you like. High-THC strains “knock you out” for some time so that you “wake up” in the middle of the movie wondering what the heroes are talking about.

Moreover, people who smoke regularly have some problems with memory. Fortunately, the latest study showed that mixed strains will help you to avoid all these problems.


  • Hybrid Strains Don`t Make you Sleepy

If you need some energy you`d better rely on hybrid strains, because high-THC strains can provoke drowsiness. While THC makes you relaxed and sleepy, good THC:CBD ratio strains produce increased wakefulness. However, please mind the dosage. Medical marijuana effects will depend on the rate dosage as it is a  medicine as well even if you prescribe it yourself.

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