THCV considered to be an Appetite Suppressant

People train like beasts to seek out looking like beauties, and some say they are afraid to smoke marijuana to avoid getting fat. But for those that are not worried about munchies, we have some good new for you.
THCV acts as an appetite suppressant in medical cannabis. Although it does have the psychoactive properties that some are wiry about, it also can produce effects for a better clear-head. THCV also speeds up the effects of THC and we also have to remember that if it is speeded up, then effects will were off fast.
The thing is that THCv is not present in big quantities in the plant, and few dispensaries have strains with THCV as they are not easy to grow.
A group called the “Teewinot Life Science,” was claimed to be the first company to extract THCV in commercial quantities, through the help of biocatalysis.

The CEO of Teenwinot Life Science Jeff Korentur stated that the company can produce THCV by replicating the outside of the plant, so that it is identical in every way.



According to Jeff Korentur, the CEO of Teewinot Life Science, the company can produce THCv, just replicated outside the plant. And it is identical in every way. Jeff said, “It seems like that is the only way to obtain THCV in medical cannabis because it is almost impossible to find THCv strains in dispensaries. Almost. Some strains do have it.”

Studies has shown that the African Sativa strains produce a much greater amount of THCV in medical cannabis.

While research development is still in the process for THCV, not everyone has the answer yet. The best thing you can do is ask a budtender if they are informed yet on more THCV related strains derived from an African origin.

Durban Poison, Dougs Varin, and Purple Purps are a select few that produce a highest percentage of THCV that we have seen. Although they are popular, please be advised that the percentages are still minimal.

While dealing with an increase of appetite, it is not bad especially for those that have to deal with AIDS or undergo chemotherapy. For those, they need to eat even when they really don’t want to. This is often because of recovery that depends on a good appetite.



Israeli scientists who do a lot of cannabis research claim that THCV has enormous health benefits because it can:

  • Manage panic attacks which is crucial for PTSD patients;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Does not suppress emotions only block fight or flight response;
  • Reduce tremors, a common symptom of Parkinson`s disease;
  • Stimulate bone cell growth;
  • Ameliorate insulin sensitivity.
  • Suppress appetite;

The last quality may sound promising to many people who spend hours in a gym.  However, scientists claim that customers should be aware of THCV anorectic effect. Which simply means that it is a dietary supplement, and helps reduce the amount of food you will eat.

 So long story short, strains with high rate of THCV can suppresses appetite and be exceptionally useful for those who want to stay fit but don`t smoke yourself to anorexia.

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